What’s new


Released July 17, 2018:

New Features

  • SQLite whitelist support for syscheck
  • Pagerduty Active Response
  • OSSEC agent selinux module
  • Win32 agent-auth support


  • cJSON updated to 1.7.0
  • zlib update to 1.2.11

Bug Fixes

  • So many. So. Many.


This is a maintenance update, and the last release in the 2.9 series

Released June 20, 2018


  • PR #1207, for issue #1205, Pushing merged.mg to Windows agents fails due to EOL conversion
  • PR #1259, for issue #1145, fixes for RHEL getaddrinfo/ipv6
  • PR #1428, for issue #1425, check owner option doesnt work on windows agent
  • PR #1428, for issue #1425, check owner option doesnt work on windows agent
  • PR #1421, for issue #1421, fixes for ossec-slack.sh alerts path
  • PR #1422, for issue #1421, fixes for ossec-slack.sh active-response path
  • PR #1421, for issue #1421, fixes for ossec-slack.sh path
  • PR #1409 for issue #1402, Real-time file monitoring stops working if several files are encrypted at the same time
  • PR #1100, fix for open received files in binary mode on windows
  • PR #1350, fix for basename, Missing agent.conf messags are reportied as warnings
  • PR #1334 for issue #210, do not add 12 to 12pm
  • PR #1340 for issue #1065, fix for negating IP address
  • PR #1088 for issue #1084, reportd double free


Released December 23, 2017


This is a maintenance release, and includes a major rule & decoder update

New Rules / Decoders

  • NSD Rules and Decoders
  • Owncloud Rules and Decoders
  • ProxMox Rules and Decoders
  • PSAD Rules and Decoders

Updated Rules / Decoders

  • Apache Rules
  • Asterisk Rules
  • Mailscanner Rules
  • Mysql Rules
  • Nginx Rules
  • OpenBSD Rules
  • Postfix Rules
  • RoundCube Rules
  • Sendmail Rules
  • Syslog Rules
  • WebAppSec Rules


  • Added authd init scripts for Debian and Redhat/Centos
  • Added Rootcheck CIS Mysql communnity and enterprise auditing
  • Added Rootcheck CIS SSH checks
  • Added Rootcheck CIS SLES 12 checks
  • Update Rootcheck CIS RHEL / CentOS 5 checks
  • Update Rootcheck CIS RHEL / CentOS 6 checks
  • Update Rootcheck CIS RHEL / CentOS 7 checks
  • Update Rootcheck CIS Windows checks
  • Update Rootcheck trojans / malware DB
  • Update Rootcheck Windows application DB
  • Backported rule unit tests from master
  • PR #915 allows the filename attribute in decoders and active response
  • PR #1275 allow IPv6 addresses in names


Released August 9, 2017:


This is a rule and decoder update

New Rules / Decoders (Leo Feyer)

  • OpenBDS decoder
  • Exim decoder
  • Dovecot Rules
  • Exim Rules
  • Chrome remote Desktop Rules (Kevin Branch)
  • Netscreen Firewall Rules
  • OpenBSD rules

Updated Rules / Decoders (Leo Feyer)

  • ssh decoder
  • dropbear decoder
  • su decoder
  • vsftpd decoder
  • dovecot decoder
  • postfix decoder
  • pix decoder
  • apache decoder
  • windows decoder
  • Dovecot Rules
  • SSHd Rules
  • Syslog Rules



This is a bug fix, and rule/decoder update.

Whats New

  • Updated rootcheck audit db’s
  • Updated GeoIP support
  • New Rules / Decoders

Fixed windows decoders * PR #980: Update for vsftp rules / decoders


  • PR #1108: Implement GeoIP checks in Groups and Events
  • PR #1136: Fix for mysql building
  • PR #1144: Fixes Issue #1142 for CEF support (@mkvocka)



This is a major release

Whats New

  • Alert Output support for JSON and ZeroMQ
  • Syscheck improvements
  • Report file deletion, even without realtime enabled
  • Report modifications made on directories
  • Corrects bug so that files created between the first and second scan are reported as new files
  • Corrects bug that made changes reverting a file to the state it was in when ossec started unreported
  • Avoids computing hashes multiple times to improve performance
  • Make the time between two syscheck wakeups configurable in internal_options
  • Add support for the “nodiff” option when using report_changes, sensitive files tagged with in ossec.conf will not have their contents included in an alert.
  • IPv6 support
  • Support to call an external mailer. This solves the problem of supporting encryption when sending mail alerts in OSSEC. The <smtp_server> field can now be prepended with “/” to designate a local binary. Example: “<smtp_server>/usr/sbin/sendmail -t</smtp_server>”.
  • Slack notification support

New Rules / Decoders

  • PR #572: Rules/Decoders, Better Dropbear events detection
  • PR #602: Rules/Decoders, Add dropbear_rules and unbound_rules
  • PR #604: Rules/Decoders,sid 5300 incorrectly alerts on OS X
  • PR #607, Rules/Decoders, Update syslog_rules for OSX false positive
  • PR #611: Rules/Decoders, Sysmon decoder update, This should better support Windows 2003 R2.
  • PR #643, Rules/Decoders, update to IIS decoder
  • PR #654, Rules/Decoders, update to the vsftpd decoder
  • PR #668: Rules/Decoders, Fix for Cisco PIX decoder, ms-se_rules.xml, msauth_rules.xml
  • PR #721: Rules/Decoders, Update for systemd rules to add support for new program_name, systemctl
  • PR #746: Rules/Decoders, Update to the apache decoders to handle Apache 2.4 events more gracefully
  • PR #755: Rules/Decoders, Update to ssh rules. Adds rules 5750-5753 to dedect client, protocol, and hostkey events
  • PR #762: Rules/Decoders, Update to ssh rules. Associates 5751 with 5700 instead of 1002
  • PR #763: Rules/Decoders, Add rules for OpenBSD smtpd
  • PR #774: Rules/Decoders, Add OpenBSD smtpd rules
  • PR #787: Rules/Decoders, Update to OpenBSD smtpd decoder to not conflict with postfix
  • PR #786: Rules/Decoders, SSH Rule improvements
  • PR #799: Rules/Decoders, Add rule for users not in sudoers
  • PR #803: Rules/Decoders, Add additional sshd decoders for ssh-pam & ssh invalid auth requests


  • PR #2, Output, Adds ZeroMQ and Json output support
  • PR #4, Authd, Bugfix for Openssl operations on non-blocking socket
  • PR #563: IPv6 support
  • PR #599, Allow for the log format in proftpd 1.3.5+
  • PR #610: Execd, Reduce system load caused by simultaneous active response processes during ossec stop. #610
  • PR #615: Adds support for Binding src IP to ‘local_ip’ config value in agentd. In mulihomed host environment we have a big problem with binding agent to correct ip. By default agentd used ip-addr of interface, from which sented ip-packets.
  • PR #617: Agentd, Add CLIENT to DEFINES for winagent target #617 Bugfix #595
  • PR #622: Fix for CVE-2015-3222
  • PR #631, Log failure when ossec fails to remove a PID file
  • PR #652, Syscheck, add support for the “-t” flag to display XML parsing errors in agent.conf on agents
  • PR #657: Syscheck, Allows scanning of directories with , in the name. Let directory check_something=”no” options to work. This means you can do instead of listing out all the ones you want to use.
  • PR #670: Syscheck, Bugfix for report_changes
  • PR #689: Maild, add support to call an external MTA to send alert emails. The smtp_server setting can now be written as “/usr/sbin/sendmail -t”
  • PR #690: Cleanup for building on OSX
  • PR #691: adds support for syslog messages that prepend the year, ie: “2015 Nov 13 ....”
  • PR #696: Bugfix for OpenBSD sendto() sockaddr length restrictions.
  • PR #699: Encompassing only complete statements with conditional directives.
  • PR #717: Active Response, add Slack (www.slack.com) notification support
  • PR #720: Fixes for the statfs error spam
  • PR #724: Authd, bugfix for issue #642, This brings ossec-authd into parity with whatever the MAX_AGENTS is set at build time
  • PR #726: Make syslog/cef consistent with json/splunk and add classification field to alerts.
  • PR #727: Maild, Add support for “email_reply_to”. This allows configuring the Reply-To: field in email alerts sent from ossec-maild
  • PR #740: Remoted, bugfix for issue #739, Ossec will now report the agent ID of the agent that tries to connect
  • PR #744: Syscheck, Bugfix for issue #42, corrects issue on windows that would produce an incorrect hash
  • PR #749: Windows, Changed Makefile to use Windows subsystem only with UI manager
  • PR #750: Analysisd, Fixes glob() impelemtation bug, adds Hourly/Daily options to logcollector, improved dfalts to analysisd diff alerts.
  • PR #751: Add simple python rule updater script
  • PR #754: Install.sh, Bugfix for OpenBSD adduser support
  • PR #765: Syscheck, add “nodiff” support. Sensitive data may leak through the diff attached to alerts when some file changes. This pull request add a nodiff option, which allows to explicitly set files for which we never want to output a diff.
  • PR #768: Analysisd, Bugfix for Issue #767, increase of value for stats
  • PR #770: Database support, Postgres support updates
  • PR #781: Syscheck, Bugfix for Issue #780
  • PR #788: System Audit, Add PCI DSS tags to RHEL/CentOS/Cloudlinux auditing tests
  • PR #789: Install.sh, Use ls for file existence checks, for cross platform compatibility
  • PR #791: Syscheck, add /boot to default directories. Fix for Issue #675
  • PR #797: Rootcheck, Remove legacy rootcheck options
  • PR #798: System Audit, Add RHEL/CentOS/Cloudlinux 7 CIS benchmarks
  • PR #802: Database support, Allow for longer entries in the system information column
  • PR #849 Format string security fix
  • PR #864 Fix ossec-logtest to chroot when testing check_diff rules
  • PR #870 Fix installer permissions on the etc/shared directory
  • PR #878 Fix version field to correctly report “2.9.0” instead of 2.8.3
  • PR #909 Bugfix for decoders.d/rules.d logtest
  • PR #920 Bugfixes for OS_IPFound, OS_IPFoundList, OS_IsValidIP
  • PR #923 Security fix for SQLi in al_data->location
  • PR #926 Rootcheck, updates or EL7
  • PR #945 Remove debug message
  • PR #986 - Prevent manage_agents from chrooting in bulk mode


Released November 5, 2015:


This is a bug fix release.

  • Fix eventchannel support for Windows agents.
  • Fix hybrid mode.

Checksum for ossec-hids-2.8.3.tar.gz: ossec-hids-2.8.3.tar.gz.sha256

Checkdum for ossec-agent-win32-2.8.3.exe: ossec-agent-win32-2.8.3.exe.sha256

SHA256 (ossec-agent-win32-2.8.3.exe) = 82c143613c4538101b64ccb6deec8cdf6f88e59a9cc45585c1a81bce8d78f015
SHA256 (ossec-hids-2.8.3.tar.gz) = 917989e23330d18b0d900e8722392cdbe4f17364a547508742c0fd005a1df7dd


Released June 10, 2015:


This is a bug fix release.

  • SECURITY fix for CVE-2015-322


Released Sept 9, 2014:


This is a bug fix release.

  • SECURITY fix for CVE-2014-5284 found by Jeff Petersen of Roka Security LLC.
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
  • manage_agents: Added manage_agents -r <id> to remove an agent (awiddersheim)
  • Windows: Added eventchannel support for Windows agent on Vista or later (gaelmuller)
  • syscheckd: Extended filesize from an integer to a long integer
  • Active Response: Fix active-response on MAC OS Firewall (jknockaert)
  • Log monitoring/analysis: Add option to allow the outputting of all alerts to a zeromq PUB socket in JSON format, using cJSON library (jrossi, justintime32)
  • Log monitoring/analysis: Add TimeGenerated to the output of Windows Event logs (awiddersheim)
  • Rules/decoders: Added some additional sshd rules in sshd_rules.xml (joshgarnett)
  • Rules/decoders: Removed bro-ids_rules.xml (ddpbsd)
  • Removed event ID 676, 672 in msauth_rules.xml (mstarks01)
  • contrib: zeromq_pubsub.py - No description (jrossi)
  • contrib: ossec-eps.sh, a script to calculate events-per-second (mstarks01)


  • Bug fixes
  • Extended filesize from an integer to a long integer in syscheck
  • Heartbeat interval is now configurable:
  • custom_alert_output added
  • ip-customblock.sh active-response script added
  • ossec2snorby scripts added to contrib


  • agent profiles
  • Allow the agents to run remote commands in agent.conf again internal_options.conf
  • New utility: util.sh
  • New hybrid mode: server + agent functionality on the same system (NOT REALLY DOCUMENTED, ARE ANY OF THE INSTALLATION TYPES WELL DOCUMENTED?)
  • contrib/ossec2rss.php: ossec alerts in an rss format
  • GeoIP data in alerts
  • OSSEC server can be specified by hostname in the agent’s ossec.conf server-hostname
  • ossec-authd can now add IP addresses to the client.keys file instead of using any with the -i flag from Jason Stelzer
  • support for prelink to reduce false positives refilter_cmd
  • Added knowbs to turn on or off rootcheck features check_*
  • Added support for json and splunk output (along with syslog and cef) format
  • Changed -f to -v in ossec-logtest
  • Added -f to manage_agents to create agent keys in bulk

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