Server Virtual Appliance Installation


The OSSEC virtual appliance is a virtual system in the Open Virtualized Format (OVF). It contains an OSSEC 2.7 server installation and the WebUI (0.8 Beta).

Accounts and passwords:

The default password for all accounts on the system is _0ssec_. The username from the WebUI is user, and for phpMyAdmin it is root.

Convert OVF to a VMWare image:

Some VMWare desktop environments may not support the OVF images natively, for those systems VMWare created the ovftool. Download the ovftool from VMWare’s site (registration required).

Convert the file using the following procedure:

# tar zxvf ossec_virtual_appliance.tar.gz
# cd ossec_virtual_appliance
# ovftool ossec.ovf ossec.vmx

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