Complete your OSSEC+ Install

Complete your OSSEC+ Install

Need support during the OSSEC+ install or configuration? Join Atomicorp Support on Slack for assistance.


Step 1 – Automated Server Install

You’ve successfully registered OSSEC+. Next, you’ll need to run the automated server install. Upon running the command, the installer will guide you through installation.

wget -q -O - | bash

Once the installer has completed, configure oum:

oum configure

Lastly, update oum:

oum update

Watch An Install


Step 2 – Download and Install Agents

Open the page below to download and install agents for your endpoints. Then return to this page to get the optional OSSEC extensions.
Download agents for your platform(s)


Step 3 – Get OSSEC Extensions (optional)

Below are a few recommended OSSEC Extensions to help you get the most out of your OSSEC+ implementation. You can also browse our full extension list here.

KOFE – a full GUI for OSSEC, based on Kibana and Elastic Search. (NOTE Only available for CentOS/RHeL 7/8 and Rocky Linux 8)
As root, run:

oum install kofe
kofe setup
kofe list
kofe install kofe-compliance-dashboard

Watch A KOFE Install


Rule Generator
– Generates OSSEC rules from other security products. For example, takes ModSecurity Rules and generates unique OSSEC rules for each modsecurity rule, allowing you to tune OSSEC for unique events, instead of treating all events from your WAF, IDS or other security product the same.
Download from:

Slack Integration
– Integrates OSSEC with Slack, allowing your OSSEC system to send alerts to your Slack workspace, specific channels, or even specific users.
Download from:


Thank you!

For additional installation and configuration help, see our documentation.

Need support during the OSSEC+ install or configuration. Join Atomicorp Support on Slack for assistance.


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