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Atomic OSSEC for Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Modern, Powerful Reporting Platform, Light-weight File Integrity Monitoring, Out-of-the-box Compliance, Advanced SIEM, Vulnerability Assessment

Atomic OSSEC is Atomicorp’s commercial OSSEC-based intrusion detection offering that provides all the advanced protection of a leading extended detection and response system (XDR). It includes forensic real-time file integrity monitoring (FIM), active response, advanced SIEM log filtering, plus 20 years experience serving and supporting the open source security development community. Based on Open Source Security (OSSEC), Atomicorp XDR software and professional support is flexible for old school legacy and bare metal environments as well as the evolving connection points you have to guard in the cloud, container and app cluster environments.

Why Choose Atomic OSSEC for Extended Detection and Response (XDR)?

Based on OSSEC’s solid open source intrusion detection system foundation, Atomic OSSEC expands capabilities into next-gen XDR and to what digitally transformed businesses need today. Atomic OSSEC brings advanced SIEM log filtering that reduces the “noise” for security operation centers (SOCs) and a light footprint that doesn’t break the bank on SOC costs. It also provides strong support for clustering, agent management, reporting, security, vulnerability management, third party integration, and compliance features mapping to OSSEC, the world’s most popular open source server intrusion detection system.

It combines open-source security flexibility and a DevSecOps platform that enables security teams to meet all the requirements of XDR, including wide and rapid rollout of defense-in-depth security rules, deep lateral protection, and the analytics and GUI dashboard you need for security risk management and compliance. Reduce your point-solution vendor fatigue with an open-source XDR that can do it all.

Atomic OSSEC XDR for Real-time FIM


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