OSSEC Commercial Support Contracts

OSSEC Commercial Support Contracts

OSSEC Commercial Support contracts will no longer be available directly from Trend Micro as of March 2014; however all existing agreements will continue to be fully supported until the end of their respective terms.

If you are still interested in OSSEC and require commercial support, Trend Micro is aware of some 3rd party vendors who may be able to provide some deployment assistance or post-sale support options. Please note that Trend Micro does not specifically endorse these vendors, but is merely providing this information as a convenience for users. Interested parties are advised to directly contact the vendor for more information on their specific capabilities or offerings around OSSEC.


Wazuh contributes to the OSSEC project maintaining installers and providing an Open Source ruleset to improve OSSEC detection and log analysis capabilities. Wazuh has also developed its own modules for OSSEC integration with Log management systems like Splunk or Elasticsearch. Their website includes documentation explaining how to use OSSEC to get in compliance with PCI-DSS, and to monitor Amazon AWS environments.

Wazuh provides support and professional services to OSSEC users. The services include training, deployment assistance, health-checks, tuning and commercial support. You can reach Wazuh team at: contact@wazuh.com.


AtomiCorp is the maker of Atomic Secured Linux – the complete security solution for Linux web servers which features OSSEC as one of its primary security tools. AtomiCorp has long been involved with the OSSEC Project and currently builds the OSSEC RPM packages for each release. If you are interested in the Atomic Secured Linux, AtomiCorp provides commercial support for the system You can find out more about Atomic Secured linux by contacting AtomiCorp sales at sales@atomicorp.com.