OSSEC 2.9.0 Beta05

OSSEC 2.9.0 Beta05

This release marks our official code freeze for 2.9, from here on out we will only be accepting bug fixes to the 2.9 branch. Now is when we need your help! As a community driven project, we need all the testing a release this size can get. Let us know in the OSSEC mailing list, Github bug tracker, or the official OSSEC irc channel.

Highlights in 2.9 beta05

  • Alert Output support for JSON and ZeroMQ
  • Syscheck improvements
    • Report file deletion, even without realtime enabled
    • Report modifications made on directories
    • Corrects bug so that files created between the first and second scan are reported as new files
    • Corrects bug that made changes reverting a file to the state it was in when ossec started unreported
    • Avoids computing hashes multiple times to improve performance
    • Make the time between two syscheck wakeups configurable in internal_options
    • Add support for the “nodiff” option when using report_changes, sensitive files tagged with <nodiff> in ossec.conf will have their contents included in an alert.
  • IPv6 support
  • Support to call an external mailer. This solves the problem of supporting encryption when sending mail alerts in OSSEC. The <smtp_server> field can now be prepended with “/” to designate a local binary. Example: “<smtp_server>/usr/sbin/sendmail -t</smtp_server>”.
  • Slack notification support





  • PR#572: Rules/Decoders, Better Dropbear events detection
  • PR#602: Rules/Decoders, Add dropbear_rules and unbound_rules
  • PR#604: Rules/Decoders,sid 5300 incorrectly alerts on OS X
  • PR#607, Rules/Decoders, Update syslog_rules for OSX false positive
  • PR#611: Rules/Decoders, Sysmon decoder update, This should better support Windows 2003 R2.
  • PR#643, Rules/Decoders, update to IIS decoder
  • PR#654, Rules/Decoders, update to the vsftpd decoder
  • PR#668: Rules/Decoders, Fix for Cisco PIX decoder, ms-se_rules.xml, msauth_rules.xml
  • PR#721: Rules/Decoders, Update for systemd rules to add support for new program_name, systemctl
  • PR#746: Rules/Decoders, Update to the apache decoders to handle Apache 2.4 events more gracefully
  • PR#755: Rules/Decoders, Update to ssh rules. Adds rules 5750-5753 to dedect client, protocol, and hostkey events
  • PR#762: Rules/Decoders, Update to ssh rules. Associates 5751 with 5700 instead of 1002
  • PR#763: Rules/Decoders, Add rules for OpenBSD smtpd
  • PR#774: Rules/Decoders, Add OpenBSD smtpd rules
  • PR#787: Rules/Decoders, Update to OpenBSD smtpd decoder to not conflict with postfix
  • PR#786: Rules/Decoders, SSH Rule improvements
  • PR#799: Rules/Decoders, Add rule for users not in sudoers
  • PR#803: Rules/Decoders, Add additional sshd decoders for ssh-pam & ssh invalid auth requests


  • PR#2, Output, Adds ZeroMQ and Json output support
  • PR#4, Authd, Bugfix for Openssl operations on non-blocking socket
  • PR#563: IPv6 support
  • PR#599, Allow for the log format in proftpd 1.3.5+
  • PR#610: Execd, Reduce system load caused by simultaneous active response processes during ossec stop. #610
  • PR#615: Adds support for Binding src IP to ‘local_ip’ config value in agentd. In mulihomed host environment we have a big problem with binding agent to correct ip. By default agentd used ip-addr of interface, from which sented ip-packets.
  • PR#617: Agentd, Add CLIENT to DEFINES for winagent target #617 Bugfix #595
  • PR#622: Fix for CVE-2015-3222
  • PR#631, Log failure when ossec fails to remove a PID file
  • PR#652, Syscheck, add support for the “-t” flag to display XML parsing errors in agent.conf on agents
  • PR#657: Syscheck, Allows scanning of directories with , in the name. Let directory check_something=”no” options to work. This means you can do <directory check_all=”yes” check_sum=”no”> instead of listing out all the ones you want to use.
  • PR#670: Syscheck, Bugfix for report_changes
  • PR#689: Maild, add support to call an external MTA to send alert emails. The smtp_server setting can now be written as “/usr/sbin/sendmail -t”
  • PR#690: Cleanup for building on OSX
  • PR#691: adds support for syslog messages that prepend the year, ie: “2015 Nov 13 ….”
  • PR#696: Bugfix for OpenBSD sendto() sockaddr length restrictions.
  • PR#699: Encompassing only complete statements with conditional directives.
  • PR#717: Active Response, add Slack (www.slack.com) notification support
  • PR#720: Fixes for the statfs error spam
  • PR#724: Authd, bugfix for issue #642, This brings ossec-authd into parity with whatever the MAX_AGENTS is set at build time
  • PR#726: Make syslog/cef consistent with json/splunk and add classification field to alerts.
  • PR#727: Maild, Add support for “email_reply_to”. This allows configuring the Reply-To: field in email alerts sent from ossec-maild
  • PR#740: Remoted, bugfix for issue #739, Ossec will now report the agent ID of the agent that tries to connect
  • PR#744: Syscheck, Bugfix for issue #42, corrects issue on windows that would produce an incorrect hash
  • PR#749: Windows, Changed Makefile to use Windows subsystem only with UI manager
  • PR#750: Analysisd, Fixes glob() impelemtation bug, adds Hourly/Daily options to logcollector, improved dfalts to analysisd diff alerts.
  • PR#751: Add simple python rule updater script
  • PR#754: Install.sh, Bugfix for OpenBSD adduser support
  • PR#765: Syscheck, add “nodiff” support. Sensitive data may leak through the diff attached to alerts when some file changes. This pull request add a nodiff option, which allows to explicitly set files for which we never want to output a diff.
  • PR#768: Analysisd, Bugfix for Issue #767, increase of value for stats
  • PR#770: Database support, Postgres support updates
  • PR#781: Syscheck, Bugfix for Issue #780
  • PR#788: System Audit, Add PCI DSS tags to RHEL/CentOS/Cloudlinux auditing tests
  • PR#789: Install.sh, Use ls for file existence checks, for cross platform compatibility
  • PR#791: Syscheck, add /boot to default directories. Fix for Issue #675
  • PR#797: Rootcheck, Remove legacy rootcheck options
  • PR#798: System Audit, Add RHEL/CentOS/Cloudlinux 7 CIS benchmarks
  • PR#802: Database support, Allow for longer entries in the system information column