OSSEC 3.6.0

OSSEC 3.6.0


Release Maintainers

Dan Parriott

Scott R. Shinn (http://www.atomicorp.com)

Contributors on this release

@ddpbsd Dan Parriot – Maintainer
@NicolasCARPi – Nocolas Carpi – Community
@cpu – Daniel McCarney – Community
@jknockaert – Jasper Knockaert – Community
@mwidman – Mike Widman – Community
@drsjb80 – Steve Beaty – Community

Release Notes

Its that time of year again, our annual independent security audit! Joining our previous two years auditors, Apple Security and OVH Internet is security researcher Daniel McCarney (@cpu) who performed a very in depth analysis on our IDS engine updates (PCRE2, and more). With a project as critical as OSSEC in securing cloud and enterprise assets its very important to us to have independent assessments of the framework. So again we want to thank all of our auditors, old and new for their contribution to the project.

Coder? Tester? Enthusiast? If you’re interested in joining our team, or just interacting with the OSSEC community , email us for a slack invite at: invite@ossec.net


  • @ddpbsd – ossec-dbd, Add help output to dbd, #1833
  • @NicolasCARPi – INSTALL, updating depenency list,
  • @cpu – PCRE2, refuse to compile empty PCRE2 patterns, fix for Issue #1811, #1826
  • @cpu, analysisd, resolves CVE-2020-8442 Issue #1820, #1825
  • @cpu, analysisd, resolves CVE-2020-8443 Issue #1816, #1824
  • @cpu, analysisd, resolves CVE-2020-8448 Issue #1815, #1823
  • @cpu, Makefile, fix for DEBUGAD, #1822
  • @jknockaert – dropbear rules, limit brute force rule to dropbear, #1803
  • @mwidman, analysisd, Added non-standard Sophos UTM syslog timestamp format to pre-decoding. , #1794
  • @drsjb80 – configs, Added authentication log file location for debian-based systems , #1784
  • @ddpbsd – maild, Fix using a program to send mail, #1783