OSSEC 3.3.0

OSSEC 3.3.0

Release Maintainers

Dan Parriott
Scott R. Shinn (http://www.atomicorp.com)
Dominik Lisiak

Contributors on this release

(@almirb) Almir Bolduan – Community
(@aquerubin) Antonio Querubin – Community
(@atomicturtle) Scott R. Shinn – OSSEC Foundation
(@Bob-Andrews) Bob Andrews – Community
(@ddpbsd) Dan Parriott – OSSEC Foundation
(@jubois) – Community
(@MangyCoyote) – Community
(@mephesto1337) – Community

Release Notes

OSSECCON 2019, from the whole team here at OSSEC it was really fantastic meeting everyone at the show, and we look forward to seeing you all again at OSSECCON 2020!

PCRE2, Jubois made a major update to the IDS foundation in OSSEC 3.3.0 with PCRE2 (https://www.pcre.org/current/doc/html/pcre2.html) library. This is an extremely powerful update to the overall pattern analysis functionaility in OSSEC. In order to build this with the native distribution pcre2 packages (pcre2-devel, etc), you will need to use: export PCRE2_SYSTEM=yes. This adds several new xml tags:

pcre2 (to replace regex)
Dynamic Decoders, discussed in the “Beyond Security” talk at OSSECCON 2019, this allows for user-defined keys in decoders. These are exposed in JSON output for inclusion with other data analytics tools. This adds a new internal option: analysisd.decoder_order_size to define the maximum number keys allowed in a single decoder.

We’d like to thank (again! Cant be done enough!) all the contributors, speakers, security researchers, testers, and especially our users. Without you we wouldn’t be here.

If you’re interested in joining our team, or just interacting with the OSSEC community on slack email us for an invite at: invite@ossec.net

Whats New

(@jubois) – PCRE2 regular expression support – PR#1652
(@atomicturtle) – ossec-analysisd, Dynamic decoder support. Original: Vikman Fdez-Castro – PR#1678
(@ddpbsd) – ossec-execd, Switch “white lists” to “allow lists” – PR#1687
New Rules / Decoders

(@Bob-Andrews) – rootcheck, update for NullSessionShares – PR#1669
(@Bob-Andrews) – topleveldomainrules.xml, Shady TLD web traffic detection – PR#1671
(@Bob-Andrews) – last_rootlogin_rules.xml, Sensitive login detection – PR#1671
(@Bob-Andrews) – unbound_rules.xml, added rule for maybe critical TLD request – PR#1672
(@Bob-Andrews) – rootcheck, Deleted repeating rules – PR#1674
(@ddpbsd) – Update info links in Windows rules – PR#1675
(@aquerubin) – Added decoder for pam_succeed_if – PR#1684


(@MangyCoyote) – ossec-analysisd, support Syslog ISO timestamp events with optional fraction of second – PR#1664
(@ddpbsd) – Fix compilation with PCRE2_SYSTEM=yes – PR#1666
(@aquerubin) – ossec-batch-manager.pl, update regexp for ipv6 addresses – PR#1667
(@mephesto1337) – Fix part of issue#1663, compiling with PCRE2_SYSTEM=yes – PR#1677
(@ddpbsd) – active-response, Fix for issue#1647, log disable-account.sh to the correct location – PR#1683
(@aquerubin) – Copy resolv.conf on build event – PR#1685
(@almirb) – active-response, Corrected the way active-response logs are generated on windows – PR#1689
(@atomicturtle) – ossec-execd, Expose filename variable in AR add/delete events – PR#1695