OSSEC 2.9.0 RC2

OSSEC 2.9.0 RC2

This release marks our second release candidate for OSSEC 2.9 after some great input from our testers out there. Assuming no issues are reported, this release will become the final OSSEC release.

Now is when we need really your help! As a community driven project, we need all the testing a release this size can get. Let us know in the OSSEC mailing list, Github bug tracker, the official OSSEC irc channel (#ossec irc.freenode.net) or on our new Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/ossechids/




  • PR #864 Fix ossec-logtest to chroot when testing check_diff rules
  • PR #870 Fix installer permissions on the etc/shared directory
  • PR #878 Fix version field to correctly report “2.9.0” instead of 2.8.3