OSSEC Moving to Github

OSSEC Moving to Github

OSSEC is moving from bitbucket to github, and in the process moving to a new method for accepting contributions. This is an exciting change that we feel will help push OSSEC forward in 2014 and further into the future.

The overall goals of the change are to allow OSSEC to be more dynamic, agile, and quicker to respond to the needs of the community.

This change will not be without issues or problems, but we aim to make it as seamless as possible. To do this we are committing to the following task to be completed 7 days from now:

  1. Port all code to github
  2. Port all Open Issues to github issues
  3. Port all Open Pull Requests to github Pull Requests

1) Porting code

This is currently done every 30 minutes (when hg-git does not break). We have set up and enabled `github.com/ossec/ossec-hids <>`__

This will continue till to the cut over date of Feb 7th 2014.

2) Port all Open Issues

We will copy all open issues from Bitbucket to github. Due to the api available, and reporting user and all comments on issues will show up as the user performing the migration. Test runs are being preformed to `githib.com/jrossi/issue-migration-test <>`__

3) Port all Open Pull Requests

This process will be the hardest, and will be the hardest to detail, but we shall attempt it here.

Contact pull request author to request they move to github and resubmit using github. If no response is received before the following:

  • Create github.com/ossec/bitbucket-pull-requests as a fork of github.com/ossec/ossec-hids/
  • Export each Pull Request as a patch bb-gh-pull-request-##.patch
  • Import each patch into a branch named bb-gh-pull-request-##
    • Apply correct author/email git information so no information is lost.
  • Create a github pull request for each branch.

For authors who email addresses match between githib and bitbucket everything will show up as expected. Authors can also use github email settings to add second or third email address.

Once completed, each pull request will stand on its own and be reviewed for merging based on the Collective Code Construction Contract.